Christoph Bangert 『WAR PORN』

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紛争地の報道カメラマンである1978年生まれのChristoph Bangert。目の前の惨劇をありのままに写し取るべきだと思う一方で、撮影した写真は幾層かの自己検閲を通ったものでもある。一つ目は、無意識下に写真家の脳内における検閲(撮影した記憶がまるで無いものもあるとのこと)。二つ目は、世に出して良いのかという出版社の検閲。そして三つ目は、どこまで受け止め得るのかという、読者による検閲。「War Porn」ではいちどこれらの「検閲」を外してみたとChristoph Bangertは言います。


Do I exploit my subjects? Is it morally justifiable to work as a photographer in war zones and disaster areas? Why are we all so attracted to images of other people’s misery? Am I producing »War Porn«?

As a photographer covering conflicts and natural disasters for international publications, Christoph Bangert (b. 1978) is regularly confronted with a dilemma: On the one hand he tries to document events as truthful to his own experience as possible but on the other hand he needs to accommodate several layers of self-censorship. The first layer of selfcensorship is located inside of his own brain. Bangert has no recollection at all of taking some of the pictures seen in the book.

Designed by Teun van der Heijden, Chiho Bangert and Klaus Kehrer, the book is also a collector's item: The small format, open spine binding, rough cover material and typewriter font are reminiscent of a handmade, personal journal. Some of the pages are not cut apart, but have a perforation which can easily be ripped open. This way the reader can decide just how much he wants to see, how much he can take. Spreads between these "hidden" images, naturally, are open to view.

■仕  様: ハードカバー
■刊  行: 2014
■判  型: 120 × 160 mm
■ページ数: 192ページ
■図 版数: 98点(カラー)
■言  語: 英語
■ISBN   :  978-3-86828-497-3


Authors: Christoph Bangert
Artists: Christoph Bangert

Designed by Teun van der Heijden, Chiho Bangert, Klaus Kehrer
120 × 160 mm
192 pages
98 color ills.
ISBN 978-3-86828-497-3

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